What Chair does Nickmercs Use? In 2022 (2023)

All the professional gamers or streamers, who efficiently take part in Esports and live streaming on different sites, earn excessively high profits due to their large and engaging audience. But that does not happen overnight, instead, it requires immense effort and prolonged sitting at one place for eight hours or more.

Their successful career is indeed the result of years of dedication yet it is equally supported by their accessories and gears that made their gaming experience better. Similarly, eager PC gamers adore and look up to Nickmercs and they have been tossing around the question; “What Chair does Nickmercs Use?”

Speaking about the chair, the gaming chair is a development that promises the best support possible while you play. Due to the superior padding, it encourages comfortable sitting. One can play actively for longer periods without experiencing back, neck, shoulder, or chest pain courtesy of a gaming chair.

Therefore, if you are on your way to buying a chair similar to Nickmercs, then keep the ball rolling to get enlightened with its features and pros and cons.

Additionally, you don’t experience muscle soreness thanks to the chair’s interaction elements, which let you unwind.


What Chair does Nickmercs Use?

What Chair does Nickmercs Use? In 2022 (1)

One of the most well-known gaming streamers on Twitch is Nick Kolcheff, often known as NICKMERCS in the streaming community. It is not surprising to see Nick employing the greatest gaming hardware and accessories given his recent success. Thus, if you are wondering about the chair used by Nickmercs, then the answer is – a Steelcase Gesture.

The Gesture has arms that can rotate 360 degrees and a 3D LiveBack to support various positions. It is also available in a range of sizes.

Features Offered by Steelcase Gestures

  • Gleaming aluminum base
  • Glides
  • Flexible lumbar
  • Coat hook
  • Stationary arms
  • Armless


We have included the key details below:

  • Seat Width: 19.25”
  • Seat Depth: 15.75” – 18.75” D
  • Seat Height: 16” – 20.5”
  • Arm Width: 10.25” – 22.5”
  • Arm Height: 7.25” – 11.5”
  • Back Height/Width: 24.0625” H / 16.25” W
  • Overall: 24.75” D x 27” W x 38.5” – 43.5” H
  • Weight: 400 lbs.

Nickmercs Steelcase Gesture – PROs

i. Adjustability

The Gesture is designed with considerations for things like head size, face shape, collar length, and intended range of motion in mind.

It contains adjustable controls that are simple to find, simple to use, and offer quick responses. The front knob houses the seat controls, while the back knob houses the back controls. With a 5-inch height adjustment range, a 4-inch back and fropivot movement, and a 90-degree spin to meet 99% of the world’s population, the headrest provides superior adjustability.

The Gesture has several ergonomic modifications and is made to accommodate users with various body shapes and seating interests:

ii. Seat Depth Adjustment

To suit users of different heights and to provide long-term comfort, the seat depth can be adjusted within a 3″ range. Stay seated and twist the knob outward from you to increase the seat depth.

iii. Seat Height Adjustment

A curved adjustment mechanism allows the seat height to be changed across a range of 5″. Elevate your body mass and pull the lever up to raise the chair. Remain stationary and keep the ramp-up to lower the chair.

iv. Height-Adjustable Lumbar

The height-adjustable lumbar can be raised or lowered by 5″ to accommodate the shape of your lower back and offer more support.

v. Back and Neck Force

This setting adjusts how much resistance you experience when you recline in steps of five. You have the option of reclining slowly, quickly or locking the chair.

vi. Adjustable Backstop

The variable backstop allows you to choose between five different locations for the reclining angle.

vii. Movable Arms

The flexible handlescan be adjusted by a total of 4 1/2″ to give forearm support and maintain optimum alignment of your arms, shoulder, and neck. Additionally, the arms coverings can swivel 30 degrees in either direction to suit the preferences of each user.

What Chair does Nickmercs Use? In 2022 (2)

viii. Core Equalizer

The clamshell-shaped component that joins the seat and back is known as the core equalizer. According to your height, weight, and tilting posture,it automatically adjusts the level of spinal resistance depending on how you’re sitting.

ix. 3D LiveBack Technology

LiveBack Technology is a backrest design that flexes and imitates the spine’s natural structure while the user changes positions. In any position, whether seated erect, reclining, or anywhere in between, it gives you complete back support.

x. Construction Quality

The Gesture uses premium components like Connect upholstery, which itself is constructed of enduring polyester. Consider one of the plethoras of many other substances Steelcase provides for the Gesture if cushioned gaming seats aren’t your thing. You have leather, Cogent upholstery, cloth that looks like linen, and more as alternatives.

The chair’s aluminum five-star foundation makes it lightweight and durable enough to withstand daily usage, despite the fact thatyou live stream in the Ergo for a longer duration.

xi. Floor casters

You should typically choose your chair carefully if your broadcasting hub has carpets. The Gesture’s casters can handle carpeting, unlike some other caster wheels. You may move around the room without worrying about your chair becoming stuck thanks to the smooth rolling of all five rolling wheels on carpet and rugs.

CONS Of Nickmercs Chair

i. High Price Range

The Gesture is substantially more expensive than comparable office task chairs, with prices starting in the high $800s. The value is unrivaled, nevertheless, because of its anatomical features and personalization choices.

You can spend more money upfront by purchasing a costly work chair such as the Gesture rather than purchasing and updating a $200 desk chair every few years.

ii. Weight

The Gesture weighs over 70 pounds even though it can resist practically any use. Even with multiple people trying to move it, it can be very challenging to maneuver.

iii. Absence of Back-height adjustment

The Gesture provides a variety of adjustments, but as it lacks a back-height adjustment, it could not be the ideal choice for people who are taller than the normal range.

iv. Wears Down Your Clothing

Some users claim that the Gesture can harm garments. As you seat in the chair, the armrests may pull or rip your pockets, depending on how they are adjusted.

v. Product’s Warranty

The Gesture is covered by the 12-year manufacturer’s warranty offered by Steelcase.

Does Steelcase Gesture Chair Provide Sustainability?

The answer is Yes! They produce goods that benefit both individuals and the environment. Sustainable practices are used throughout their value chain and are included in the design of the items as well as in the proceduresto support the goal of reducing environmental issues.

Up to 25% of the chair’s materials come from recycled sources. After you finish using it, this chair may be recycled up to 85% of its weight.

To reduce waste, Steelcase ships the Gesture in blanket wrapping instead of cartons for residential delivery. Volatile organic compounds aren’t present in any of their powder-coated paints (VOCs). Additionally, the business utilizes water-based sealants, if supported by the process.

Steelcase’s chair is certified by BIFMA and ANSI at Levels 2 and 3, in addition to its status as a LEED-certified producer through the Green Building Council of States. SCS Indoor Air has awarded The Gesture with a gold accreditation as well.

Gesture Chair Influenced by Human Body

The chair’s design was influenced by the human body.

When choosing a chair, we focus on the design first. The NICKMERCS Steelcase Gesture chair is beyond ordinary in terms of design; it is highly futuristic, tech-inspired, and made of quality materials throughout.

Regarding design, Steelcase created a brand-new sitting experience by tailoring the chair to the user. Their interpretation of the architecture is based on the view that posture is crucial to the sitting experience, leading the designers to develop a chair that functions as a system and resembles the human body.

Is Nickmercs Chair Worth the Price?

In the end, your choice of office chair will be influenced by a number of elements, including cost, customization possibilities, and comfort. It will also rely on if you’re purchasing for the whole business or just yourself.

Compared to Series 1, Series 2, Amia, Think, and Leap, the Steelcase Gesture has additional features. It might be the right chair for you if you’re searching for one that can be highly customized, works with technology, and fits most people.

It can, though, be beyond your pricing range onlyif you’re on a tight budget. However, if your objective is to save money over the long term, the Gesture might be a great investment given the lifetime warranty.

Steelcase: Background Story

Every Steelcase chair is ergonomically designed to meet the demands of the user, and the company researches how each chair moves, feels, and functions in their workplace or gaming environment. These findings are included in each seat’s design and ergonomics.

The company was founded in 1912 with the goal of enhancing workplace health and safety, but during the year 1919, it changed its focus and began selling office supplies all throughout the United States and revolutionizing the industry for almost a century. For more details you can see where are Steelcase chairs made.

Wrap Up

The moniker Nickmercs is undoubtedly well-known in the gaming community, and he employs one of the top gaming seats available. There is no doubt that this chair has made its name in the gaming industry and the chair market too with its high-end construction, adaptability to a variety of users, highly adjustable armrests, and intuitive design are all features of the Steelcase Gesture.

To sum it up, it is definitely worth a shot if you have a high budget and can experience with chairs to determine the one which suits you better.


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